ECOmed is a U.S. Company with subsidiaries located in Peru, Ecuador and Panama. Our company was initially established in 1997, with current executive offices and warehouses are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Panama City, Panama. The manufacturing facility for our products is FDA approved under strict GMP and World Health Organization guidelines.

The company is engaged in the development of exceptional product formulation(s) and the distribution of superior quality, high performance nutritional supplements. Each ingredient is meticulously assessed and researched for its quality, purity and potency. Clinical studies have shown the concentration of ingredients in our formulations have produced the worlds most effective results. Internal quality Controls Programs ensure that our formulations and ingredients are as stated on our product information labels.

ECOmed has extensive experience in the healthcare and the nutritional supplement industry in the USA and Latin America. We have established brand awareness and a market penetration for our products by securing the support of the doctors, dieticians, industry professionals and their staff. ECOmed’s long-term client relationships have been the benchmark of our success in this industry.