Suppresses Appetite & Promotes Healthy Energy Levels

Clinically Proven to Promote Healthy Glucose Metabolism.

The most effective dietary supplement in the market is formulated with the purest and most powerful concentration of highly effective ingredients.

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Suppresses Appetite, Controls Hunger and Thirst

Supports Weight Loss

Boosts Energy and Immune System

Promotes Lymphatic Flushing

Stabilizes Blood Sugar Fluctuations All Day

Promotes Glycemic Control

Enhances Toning & Sculpting

Supports Healthy Pancreas Function

Diminishes Shaky Hands and Dizziness caused by Hypoglycemia

Supports Vision Health


Bitter Melon     Appetite Suppressant used in Asia and Africa as Herbal medicine for a number of years as a prevention of obesity and Diabetes.

Rich in Phytonutrients, Dietary fibers, minerals, Vitamins and antioxidants.

Fenugreek    Boosts Healthy Energy. Enhances toning and sculpting.

Supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. High in amino acids. 

Cinnamon Zeylanicum   Clinically proven to decrease the symptoms of hypoglycemia- elevated blood sugar levels and its symptoms.

Methylcobalamine  Counters homocysteine levels and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

Licorice  Containing “amorfrutins prevents development of insulin resistance through the activation of various genes.

Chromium  Normalizes blood sugar.

Alpha Lipoic Acid  & Methylcobalamin  Neutralizes free radicals.

Inositol  Supports healthy blood cholesterol levels.

Magnesium  Boosts healthy energy

Vitamin C & Zinc   Promotes Macular Health and immune system.


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