Zero Body

A total body and skin care system for your clients.

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About the Zero Body

Benefits include

  • Promoting muscle mass, circulation,
    hydration, and elasticity
  • Improving the shape and fullness of the butt (non-invasive, butt lift alternative)
  • Improving the shape of the stomach
  • Relaxing the muscles
  • Diminishing the appearance of cellulite
  • Increasing muscle mass and muscle fibers
  • Toning the body and adding volume
  • Supporting lymphatic flush and the decrease of body fluids


    Using the Zero Body

    The Zero Body is the ultimate, non-invasive device for improving client aesthetics without anyone ever knowing about the treatments. 

    • No scarring
    • No swelling
    • No bruising
    • No downtime
    • No discomfort
    • No injections
    • No antibiotics
    • No side effects


    Dimensions and Specifications

    Length: 15.75″ Width 21.02″ Height 41.61″
    Length: 400mm Width 534mm Height 1057mm

    Weight: Net 32 Kg / Gross 41 Kg
    Weight: Net 70.55 LBS / Gross 90.39 LBS

    Rated Voltage: AC 90~250V / 50-60Hz
    Output: Level 0-99 Max 70W
    Other: LED Monitor; Stylish Design LED light producing in high grade sensation

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